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What are Buff Beads?

Buff Beads are a simple reminder to be aware of our self-talk.

We would never speak to anyone the way we speak to ourselves. 

Buff Beads are about self-compassion.

See yourself as you would another in your circumstance. Give yourself that same kindness and understanding. Forgiving ourselves is the first step to forgiving another.

Buff Beads are used to help keep us present.

The past holds stress.  The future creates anxiety.  The present moment is the truth.

Buff Beads are a reminder to take care of yourself.

We spend the majority of time thinking about others. Whether it’s caring for our friends and family or worrying about what other people think.  “Others” are a constant factor in our lives.  What do YOU want?

Buff Beads trigger feelings of love.

Love for yourself.  Love for others. Love for life.

Buff Beads are about feeling good.

When we feel good others around us feel good.  Happiness is contagious.  Spread it by maintaining self-awareness.



Buff Yourself



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