Anxiety and Irrational fears of Alien Abduction.

Anxiety VF

I’ve been highly anxious since I was a kid. I would lie awake in bed terrified from everything ranging from ghosts to giant meteors. My little brother was a heavy sleeper and if I couldn’t wake him I would carry him to come and sleep with me. I wish I could say that I grew out of my irrational fears, but I would be lying if I said that the thought of being abducted by aliens didn’t terrify me. Also, brain parasites and blood clots. And a handful of other things that are too embarrassing to admit to. (Yes, more embarrassing than being abducted by aliens.)
I have though learned how to recognize it and manage it better. I don’t follow the thoughts to feed it. I will flat out tell that thought, “We are not doing this today.” I take care of my body to help my anxious mind. I do yoga, go walking, I meditate. ¬†Sometimes it’s simply just hormonal or my blood sugar is low and I need to eat some healthy carbs. ¬†And sometimes there’s nothing to do but just cry it out.

Anxiety disorders adversely affect the lives of about 40 million Americans. They are plagued by insecurity, dread, persistent stress, and irrational fears. –Mindful Magazine

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