Choosing Joy

//Choosing Joy

The Layers of Unhappiness

Eckhart Tolle tells a story in A New Earth about a woman who came to him with a multitude of life's problems and the unhappiness that plagued her. After listing the reasons why she was so unhappy Eckhart asked her if could she be okay with being unhappy? This enraged her. NO of course she's not okay with it. Thus adding another layer of unhappiness. Having Ulcerative Colitis it is a challenge for me (as it is for all suffering from a chronic illness) to not fall into the pit of despair. But, this story illustrated for me the layers [...]

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The Art of Forgiving.

Ah forgiveness. So fickle and annoying. It's complex and wirey.  It attaches itself to layers of circumstances each one requiring you to work through it. An apology is secondary to forgiveness. True heartfelt, admittance of guilt, behavior changing apologies are rare. They will still require you to work through the offending action(s) and the offender to forgive themselves. So, any real, half-assed, blanket apology or lack thereof is just fluff. Your only task is to work through it and let go.  Forgiveness is an act done for yourself. A grudge is exhausting to hang onto and is good [...]

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It’s Dangerous to Go Alone. Take These.

As most of you know, Buff Beads are based on the gaming term for the skill used to give yourself power before a battle. Here's a quick little run down: In video games, specifically RPGs or MMOs there is a term we use for the skills that give us an advantage in the game. An extra 10% to health, a bonus 15% to defense, a boost to damage, speed, endurance etc. Some of these little dabs of comfort last until you get hit, some last 30 seconds and some last 60 minutes. Most of them aren't game changing like cheats [...]

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What Do You Have To Gain?

It's mind blowing to me how I continuously over complicate my life. I've been digging in my psyche for years trying to draw out any piece of evidence that will reveal to me the cure to being afraid of judgment.  I've traced through my childhood with a fine tooth comb, read books, meditated and watched video's searching for something or someone to say it differently than the others so that I could understand. The answer was so simple and I felt so silly. I am constantly being reminded that the best way to find an answer is to quit looking [...]

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Definition of Insanity

Someone once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Chronic complaining is insane. Venting feels good and can let off steam, but consistent venting about the same situation over and over is called complaining. Complaining is a waste of our energy and only creates in us more angst and negativity. Realize that you have control over your life. Most of what you do every day is by choice. You go to the job you dislike because you are choosing to be responsible. You could choose not to, but there would [...]

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How to Feel Fulfilled

You're unhappy and feeling out of control of your life. Nothing ever seems to go your way and you are seeing the same negative patterns with your job, relationships, and health. Some days are better than others, but you fall into slumps and the feeling of hopelessness just washes over you. Every day is the same and besides little bursts of excitement, the drab of reality is just painful. Life feels insane and out of your control. Everything is an uphill battle. Why is this happening? Are we just meant to go through life in this comatose like daze? No. [...]

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If You’re Happy in the Now. Stay There.

“Clearly there are no rules.” said the sun to the moon. “For if there were you would not be able to be with me in the daylight sky. The most glorious things happen in the daylight and I am so glad to have you here with me. Oh, but to have the opportunity to see the night. How much greater that might be.” The moon was thoughtful for a moment and then with full confidence it proclaimed. “Your joy is with me and here in the sunlight sky. Why speak of what cannot be when there is joy in the [...]

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I Was a Movie Star Drywaller

We hear rags to riches stories all the time. They seem to always start at the extreme end of poverty and end on the complete opposite side where the person is driving a Mercedes. There are many Dream Big stories coming true that aren't as noticeable and are much more believable. I did not grow up desolate poor and my Audi Q5 is still sitting snug as a bug on my vision board, but that isn't the point of my story. In a world where we are stuck in awful jobs, relationships, and financial instability, there is an abundance of [...]

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If You Can’t Think Something Nice Don’t Think Anything at All.

Getting healthy and feeling good involves more than taking meds, eating healthy and exercising. It involves keeping as much negativity out of your life as much as possible. The last job I had did not end well. It was a very stressful time in my life and left me very hurt. So, of course having to drive by the place near every day was like opening the wound over and over. So, instead of changing my route and adding 10 minutes to my drive, I challenged myself. It began by changing my attention to the car dealership on the other [...]

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