Creating Boundaries

//Creating Boundaries

The Art of Forgiving.

Ah forgiveness. So fickle and annoying. It's complex and wirey.  It attaches itself to layers of circumstances each one requiring you to work through it. An apology is secondary to forgiveness. True heartfelt, admittance of guilt, behavior changing apologies are rare. They will still require you to work through the offending action(s) and the offender to forgive themselves. So, any real, half-assed, blanket apology or lack thereof is just fluff. Your only task is to work through it and let go.  Forgiveness is an act done for yourself. A grudge is exhausting to hang onto and is good [...]

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Chose Discomfort Over Resentment

Brené Brown famously and bravely spoke at a Tedtalk seminar about vulnerability and it exploded. I have learned much from her research on shame and consider her a mentor to me. Here she writes about the importance of setting up boundaries. When you have a chronic illness that is invisible, it's hard for people to understand because "you don't look sick". In last month O's Brene talks about taking on too much, because you feel obligated etc. As people with a disease we can relate with saying yes to things when we really want to say no.  Not knowing how [...]

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