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The Root of all Anxiety

There are many different symptoms of anxiety.    We all know the symptoms well, but do we know what is going on inside our bodies?  Do we know why all these symptoms happen?  What triggers our anxiety? All animals have the fight or flight response to danger.   It is what gives mothers the ability to lift cars off their children, zebras to escape a lion and our ancestors to kill a saber tooth tiger.    The fight or flight response is a series of hormones triggered one after another by dangerous situations...or not so dangerous ones. Let's imagine something [...]

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The world needs more Love.   Love is strongest energy force in the Universe.  When we love we change the course of situations.  We invent.  We create life.  We change lives. Finding something to love at a job you hate because make your day better.  Loving your partner's smile can remind you why you're together and save relationships.   Bleeding and cramping and being so sick makes us just want to wallow. Wallowing in my misery feels good.  But, it's detrimental to our healing.   Love how comfy your bed is.  Love your pain killers.  Love your doctor.   Be [...]

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5 Simple Things That Bring Peace To My Crazy IBD Brain.

Creating a peaceful environment is my first step to silencing the mind.   Like a lot of Colitis sufferers, many of my thoughts and memories are painful.  It's like my mind is trying to numb my physical pain and discomfort by creating mental pain and discomfort.  I know I'm not alone in saying that this is detrimental to our health and if we can't calm our minds we will never calm our gut.  These are a few things that bring me peace and help calm my mind. Lighting a candle -  So simple and it really is very soothing.  It's [...]

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