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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Being positive and thinking happy thoughts is challenging. Sometimes it feels easier to just say "Eff it!" and wallow in self pity. But, I have spent time on the negative side of life where everything was heavy and I thought the world was against me, and I have to tell ya, it's better here on the lighter side where sometimes shit happens, but generally life is good. I see challenges and change as the universe moving and shifting me towards my goals and desires. I move with the flow and allow the current to guide me and trust in the [...]

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The Root of all Anxiety

There are many different symptoms of anxiety.    We all know the symptoms well, but do we know what is going on inside our bodies?  Do we know why all these symptoms happen?  What triggers our anxiety? All animals have the fight or flight response to danger.   It is what gives mothers the ability to lift cars off their children, zebras to escape a lion and our ancestors to kill a saber tooth tiger.    The fight or flight response is a series of hormones triggered one after another by dangerous situations...or not so dangerous ones. Let's imagine something [...]

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