Don’t Pole Vault Over Mouse Turds.

Don’t pole vault over mouse turds. Just pick it up and throw it away. Yes, it’s gross. Just grab a tissue and pick it up. You don’t need to call your friends over to see it. Why? Oh great, now you are all standing around talking about how revolting it is. That was unnecessary. Do you feel better? You still need to clean it up, does it help having your friends around telling you how gross it is? If they were really your friends they would help you. Yes everyone is leaving. They don’t want to talk about your crap [...]

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The world needs more Love.   Love is strongest energy force in the Universe.  When we love we change the course of situations.  We invent.  We create life.  We change lives. Finding something to love at a job you hate because make your day better.  Loving your partner's smile can remind you why you're together and save relationships.   Bleeding and cramping and being so sick makes us just want to wallow. Wallowing in my misery feels good.  But, it's detrimental to our healing.   Love how comfy your bed is.  Love your pain killers.  Love your doctor.   Be [...]

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