Definition of Insanity

Someone once said,

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results“.

Chronic complaining is insane.

Venting feels good and can let off steam, but consistent venting about the same situation over and over is called complaining. Complaining is a waste of our energy and only creates in us more angst and negativity.

Realize that you have control over your life. Most of what you do every day is by choice.

You go to the job you dislike because you are choosing to be responsible. You could choose not to, but there would be consequences and that is your choice.

Awaken this morning with the new understanding that you are choosing to get out of bed. You have control. It’s all on you what you do with this new day.

So, rise up with this new found energy and give thanks for being given the choice. You are meant to be happy and fulfilled. ┬áTake control of the insanity and change what you don’t like.

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