Do You Really Want To Get Better?

Getting better means that you won’t have an excuse anymore.  You’ll have to go to that family get together.  There’s no reason to not to do the dishes.  You will have to get off the couch.   You could walk the dog all day if you wanted without needing to be close to the bathroom.   Your  Aunt has been asking to come over and visit for months now.  You will have no reason not to have her over anymore.  You can even go back to work.

Using our diseases as a crutch is keeping us sick. My healing didn’t begin until I stopped using the colitis as an excuse to do things.  I started just saying no rather than, “My guts are really bugging me”.  It took me telling my entire family that I needed them to leave me alone.  Don’t call me to complain. Don’t ask me to family functions.  Don’t come crash at my place cause you have no where to go.  Don’t ask me for a ride.  I told everyone to just leave me alone.   And they did. And they did it without complaining or getting mad at me.  This helped me not only to set boundaries  but it made it easier to start telling them No.

We can take the best meds, have the greatest doctors, eat the healthiest foods, but if you are using your disease as an excuse you will never get better.  We all have obligations, but just for a little while don’t do things you don’t want to do.


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