Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Being positive and thinking happy thoughts is challenging. Sometimes it feels easier to just say “Eff it!” and wallow in self pity. But, I have spent time on the negative side of life where everything was heavy and I thought the world was against me, and I have to tell ya, it’s better here on the lighter side where sometimes shit happens, but generally life is good. I see challenges and change as the universe moving and shifting me towards my goals and desires. I move with the flow and allow the current to guide me and trust in the goodness and love of the universe.

Well, not all the time. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the drama and I succumb to the worldly thoughts and fears. When I take a moment though to breath and meditate it all comes back to me. I realign with my higher self and I find my peace again. It’s all practice. Constant practice. But that’s what being human is about. Experiencing the world while staying connected to the source.


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