Hey Perfectionists Over Here!

Hey fellow creative perfectionists! How do you let go of perfection? No seriously I want to know. I’m going crazy here. How do I just let go and say “Hey that’s pretty effin good.” without spending  5 hours perfecting it and still not being satisfied? How do others throw caution to the wind and write how they really feel without freezing up and deleting it all? How do you let your authentic self shine through the written word without the ability to use facial expressions and voice tones to get your message across? (I’ve always said that if I can wing it on my resume I’ll win them over in the face to face interview.) How do you be brutally honest without sounding incredibly dramatic? I feel like I have this invisible tether being held by an invisible force that’s saying “Not too much truth, Jess.”  How do you find out what’s holding you back from true authenticity and release yourself from the chains of perfectionism?    (P.S.) I’m posting this without going through it with a fine tooth comb and I’m not happy with it. Please don’t judge me.


“When in our lives have we not distinguished what enough looks like? Without this, we are constantly disappointed in ourselves, constantly afraid and thoroughly overwhelmed.”
-Andrea Scher, Superhero Journal

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