How to Feel Fulfilled

You’re unhappy and feeling out of control of your life. Nothing ever seems to go your way and you are seeing the same negative patterns with your job, relationships, and health. Some days are better than others, but you fall into slumps and the feeling of hopelessness just washes over you.

Every day is the same and besides little bursts of excitement, the drab of reality is just painful. Life feels insane and out of your control. Everything is an uphill battle. Why is this happening? Are we just meant to go through life in this comatose like daze? No. We are not. We are here to be happy and to explore and experience. We are meant to run through lilies, lie naked on beaches and flow effortlessly through life with minor setbacks and major comebacks. If your life is feeling too hard and your pain is outweighing your joy then you are not living the life you are meant to live. You are meant to have a fulfilling life. After all the years of human pain, it is time for you to take control and change your life.

There is more for you in this life. No more have to’s and I can’t’s. You have more control than you know. Believe that you are worthy of all good things and that your life is how you make it. Fear no longer guides you. The strength of knowing you are in control will set you free. Say yes to everything you want and no to the things you don’t. Ride the up and down waves of the world and move through as you see fit. Close your eyes to horrible things, but see the great triumphs and beauty of people. Choose to see the good in yourself way more than the bad. Feel joyful in the little things about yourself and worry less about impressing people.

You don’t get to choose exactly how your days go, but you do get to choose how you will respond to it. Every day allow yourself to dream big, to love small things, to laugh at the crude and to sing along at the top of your lungs. Discover what you really want to do.

Visualize the life you want. Sometimes people struggle with this, because they don’t know what they want. Sometimes it’s easier to feel the kind of life you want. Feel the feeling you want to have. Hang onto the image and the feeling. Let it be your comfort and your dream.

Make a list of what you will have to do to achieve this dream. List every single minute detail, even if it seems completely useless or undoable in the moment, write it down.

Everyday do one thing on that list.

It may take you 25 years to get to your goal, but by doing one thing on your list you will feel like you are making progress. It will give you satisfaction knowing that today you did something to work towards your dream. It may motivate you to set other goals and work towards them. Soon life doesn’t seem so mundane. Your current circumstance won’t feel so permanent and you will begin to feel fulfilled. You will begin to see love and joy in places that had always been there, but because of the weight of the world, you didn’t see them. When you discover your dream you will find your peace within the chaos. You will find your joy in this life. You will be fulfilled.

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