If You Can’t Think Something Nice Don’t Think Anything at All.

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If You Can’t Think Something Nice Don’t Think Anything at All.

Getting healthy and feeling good involves more than taking meds, eating healthy and exercising. It involves keeping as much negativity out of your life as much as possible. The last job I had did not end well. It was a very stressful time in my life and left me very hurt. So, of course having to drive by the place near every day was like opening the wound over and over. So, instead of changing my route and adding 10 minutes to my drive, I challenged myself. It began by changing my attention to the car dealership on the other side of the road. Just by turning my head my focus was no longer on the going on’s inside the building. I then would give thanks for what came out of that job and even losing the job. Then finally I began to wish happiness to the people I had liked there. Eventually, I’d pass by there and realize I hadn’t even thought about it. I heard a few months ago that the major competition for the company had shut down leaving my old job the main supplier for the town. I found myself genuinely happy for them. How excited they must be that they were once the underdogs and now were on top. I was shocked that I felt this way. I’m still shocked. It is proof to me that by removing it from my universe I was able to distance myself from the hurtful memories and see it differently and even positively.

Negative feelings sometimes deceptively feel good. Like gossiping about a co-worker, scoffing at the town hoarder or judging an addict. It feels good because it makes us feel superior. We LOVE to feel better than everyone else. Subconsciously, finding flaws in others makes us feel better about ourselves. Allowing ourselves to feel this way is like giving into scratching a mosquito bite. Such a relief and feels so good, but long term it hurts, bleeds and may leave a scar. If you feel the urge to feed the ego and scratch that itch changes your focus. Look the other way. Think about all the great things you have in your life. Wish them well and walk away. Verbally say “I don’t want that in my universe.” It is better to think nothing of someone or something than to allow yourself to think negative thoughts. But it feels so good, you say, and yes it does feel good to have a good bash sesh over the Kardashians. But, what is the point? What good does it serve you? You just exerted angry energy for 15 minutes that absolutely did no good to anyone. A good rule is to always think productive thoughts. How can thoughts be productive you ask? Well, your brain cannot tell the difference between thoughts and reality. So, you can trick it by thinking of things that bring you joy. Do this for a while and your body will release the hormone Serotonin, which will make you feel happy. Feeling happy will lead to a healthy body. Illness and disease have a really hard time living in a body that is consistently in a positive emotional state.

As I write this, a very loud stunt plane is practicing right above our neighborhood. He has been practicing every day or so for months. Despite numerous complaints, he is up and down many times a day. I was not in a very positive state yesterday after his 5th stint. I found that the dread of hearing this plane was consuming my day and was making me very irritable. So, when it was the first thing I thought of this morning, I had to make a choice. I could allow it ruin my day or I could find a way to accept it. I cannot afford any long term negativity to be in my body. I need to keep positive and peaceful at least 75% of the time, otherwise, my Colitis will flare up and then trying to heal my body ends up being a lot harder than ignoring a plane.  I have to not allow the stunt plane in my universe despite it very obviously being here. How do you not allow something in your universe when you have to deal with it every day? Well, by making it productive. I am using the plane as practice to keep calm under aggravating circumstances. My good positive moods are easily rocked by random everyday events, so an airwaves hogging sound is perfect for practicing to stay focused on happy peaceful thoughts. I have taken steps to keep myself happy while the plane is in the air. As I write this, the air conditioner is going on beside me, I have The Sounds of Disneyland playing and I have a box of dark chocolate truffles and a cup of green tea. I can still hear the plane, but I am choosing to not think about it and let it ruin my good mood and potentially make me sick. So, I wish the pilot well.

It is so comforting to know that we have a choice. We can consistently bitch about our boss, or we can choose to not think about him when we don’t have to. That is so relieving when you realize that you don’t have to think about your boss all the time. Take a moment right now to choose not to think of a stress. Just for a second you can go back to it, it will still be there. You will have to find something else to think about, because telling yourself not to think about your stress will just make you think about your stress. So, for 30 seconds think about a compliment you received that made you feel good. Feel how proud you are of yourself for receiving that compliment and how good it made you feel. If you did it proper you should have released a very nice long sigh, along with a good amount of tension, if it was there. Choose to do this at least once a day for 30 seconds. In a 24 hour span I think you can probably give yourself 30 seconds to consciously not think about a stress. You deserve to be happy. So make your choice. Challenge yourself daily and treat yourself with love, compassion and kindness. Love yourselves! You have value!



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  2. Wenders October 31, 2014 at 4:26 am - Reply

    Some of the best advice I’ve read in a long time. It’s truth hit me right between the eyes. Thank you!

    • adviceoverpie November 2, 2014 at 11:36 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much, Wendy! That means so much to me. Much love to you!

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