The Layers of Unhappiness

The Layers of Unhappiness

Eckhart Tolle tells a story in A New Earth about a woman who came to him with a multitude of life’s problems and the unhappiness that plagued her. After listing the reasons why she was so unhappy Eckhart asked her if could she be okay with being unhappy?

This enraged her. NO of course she’s not okay with it. Thus adding another layer of unhappiness.

Having Ulcerative Colitis it is a challenge for me (as it is for all suffering from a chronic illness) to not fall into the pit of despair. But, this story illustrated for me the layers that are added to my psyche by being unhappy about being miserable about being sick.  It’s insanity. So, I am learning to be okay with not being happy about being sick and other life stuff that comes about that I don’t like. Who needs layers of miserableness? Especially at the beginning of what looks to be a cold dark and wet West Coast winter. Gotta shake that shit off.

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