The Power of Vulnerability

I recently was involved in Jack Canfield’s monthly teleconferences. After hearing about them for months I finally signed up for Aprils. It was extremely beneficial. I received a lot of really great free information from him in regards to relationships and bettering ourselves and being successful. But, what I took most was from him casually mentioning that he had seen Brene Brown being interviewed by Oprah about her Ted Talks presentation on vulnerability. The video had exploded on YouTube with over a million hits. Brene’s study has opened my eyes and mind to a whole new level of what I didn’t know about myself. I am realizing all sorts of issues I have with letting myself be vulnerable with my family, kids, and husband. I’m seeing how I have seen it as a weakness when really it’s a strength. The talk brought me to tears and has already changed my life. I recommend you spend the 20 minutes watching it.


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  1. […] Brown famously and bravely spoke at a Tedtalk seminar about vulnerability and it exploded.   I will listen to that speech every couple weeks […]

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