The Road Goes Ever On

//The Road Goes Ever On

The Road Goes Ever On

I will be shutting down Advice Over Pie and focusing solely on Buff Beads and a sister project.

The foundation of AOP and the path it has created is beautiful and raw, but it comes from pain. It’s roots are deep in suffering. I was sick with Ulcerative Colitis and tortured by my past.
I am not that person anymore.

Grace warms me and by remaining connected to my source the ego is kept at bay.

I am healthy and mentally strong.  Memories of the past that shamed and tortured my mind and sickened my body no longer haunt me. But, there are many that are suffering the effects of a lack of self-worth and destructive self-talk. And I want to empower them and I want to be empowered.

I want to help people see their inner strength and beauty and I want to be reminded of mine.

I love to see those who fail get back up and try again. I get a rush from watching people better themselves because it reminds me to continue to do the same.

I LOOOVE those of you who own your shit. Oh my god! It turns me on. Vulnerability is friggin’ hot. It fills me with courage and inspires me to do what I love and to be myself no matter how scary it is.

I want to build a powerful group of misfit people who don’t really fit anywhere but want to better themselves and spread love throughout a crazy dark world.

I just can’t do it from Advice Over Pie.

Buff Beads isn’t going anywhere. I believe so hardcore in the power of buffing that I will be preaching the positive effects of self-talk and love forever and always. This is my truth. Please join us there and like the Buff Beads fb page.

Thank you all very much for all the support and the love. You’ve allowed me to be vulnerable and awkward as I made my way through the painful gauntlet of healing and awakening.

UGH! That’s so dramatic!
I’m feeling quite melancholy about this. I’m not sure why. I feel like this is what Advice Over Pie does to me. It’s like my writing has this tone that screams “I’m suffering!” or one that is yelling at you guys to “better yourself for fuck’s sake”.  I wanna shed both those tones. Or not so dramatic like anyway. Or maybe MORE dramatic where it’s so obvious it’s dramatic it makes you laugh.
I am really excited about what is to come. I am creating a new path. This time I’m not alone.

To say goodbye to AOP in her emo melancholy, I’m going to post on FB old writings from start to finish. You’re not obligated to read them. In fact it’s probably best you don’t. It’s kind of embarrassing, but It’s a way for me to let it go and say goodbye.

I love you!!

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