The Two Best Words You May Ever Hear.

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The Two Best Words You May Ever Hear.

Me Too.

How glorious it is to hear those two words!

I started Advice Over Pie because I was feeling incredibly lonely with my experiences. It took awhile. My attempts to make friends and be vulnerable was a little much for some.

I don’t recommend using “shame” in the same sentence as “nice to meet you.”

When I found I was scaring people away I began to attempt to warm up to people. This turned into a lot of fitting in and less belonging.

I allowed myself to be patient and choosy with whom I told my story. I continued to write here regardless of whether the article was being read knowing that it would get to whom it needed to. Eventually, others on similar paths began to come out of the word work. I found friends and allies where I never expected to. I am now feeling an abundance of love and understanding daily.

I cannot express what it means to me those of you whom have shared your stories or have said those two beautiful words to me. I consider each and every one of you friends.

Never pass up and opportunity to say “Me too”.  You may never know the value of those words to another.

I love you.

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